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Presidential debates make me sick.  Two-year campaigns make me sicker.  Voter purges and people being shot for supporting their candidates make me want to fucking hurl.

Idea.  The world community should put a system in place that allows for the citizens of Country A to elect the leader(s) of Country B.  For example, instead of US citizens voting for either Obama or McCain this coming November, the citizens of Spain would make the choice.

Why?  We live in an international community where borders are blurring more and more with each passing day.  (It could be argued that their existence is now little more than a formality.)  The arena of foreign relations now decides the fate of nations both economically and physically.  In an age where nuclear weapon counts and threats of WWIII are tossed around like football scores, we cannot afford to risk our having our elections decided by (a lack of) main-stream media coverage and petty attack advertisements.

As a part of this system, Country A’s politicians would not be allowed to campaign in Country B.  Going back the the America/Spain example, American politicians would campaign in America for a period of sixty days before the primaries.  (Thanks Canada.)  American voters would vote in the primaries, every political party would decide which of their candidates they wanted to submit to Spain for voting, Spain would spend thirty days acquainting themselves with the candidates, and then would vote to decide who would be the next American president.

I realize this is very idealized and entirely impossible, but I do not think America can survive another election cycle like this one.  It’s bleeding us dry and taking all of our attention away from what the current administration is up to.  If I were president and I wanted to pull some crazy shit, I’d be doing it right now, when no one is watching.

Think about it.  In a little less than a month we’ll cast our ballots to decide our fate for the next four years.  Halfway, or less, through the administration of whomever we elect, new candidates will begin to make themselves known and campaign for the next election.  That’s just fucking depressing.  It becomes especially depressing when you consider how much money campaigns cost.  Shorter campaigns would at least guarantee that the cost of running a campaign would be lower, and maybe that would keep some money in the pockets of American citizens.

Of course, we may not have to worry about any of this.  Our current Idiot In Chief may decide that he wants to stay in office a little longer and suspend the election.  I’m not saying I think he will, but it’s a little more than slightly terrifying to know that he could if he wanted to.

Void damn the distance.


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1. Presidential campaigns last too long.

Honestly, how long have we been at this now? A year at least, and the election isn’t even for another five months! I think it’s ludicrous that we, the American people, have to sit through a year-and-a-half of this shit. New idea. A cap of one year on campaigning for the oval office. A day longer than this and you’re disqualified.

2. Presidential campaigns cost too much money.

Fundraising amounts: (1)

Obama: $265,439,277

Clinton: $214,883,437

Romney: $104,791,966

McCain: $96,654,783

These are the top four fund raisers in the current race for the presidency. Together they have raised $681,769,463. (Not including the totals for May)  This is ridiculous on two levels. One, it doesn’t take that much money: look at Ron Paul’s campaign. Two, it makes the race for president exclusive to those with enough dough, and sometimes the people with the best ideas don’t have the most money…Also, think about what could be done with that amount of money! I mean, I understand that this election is a big deal because we want to make sure we get it right this time (…) but $681,769,463 is a lot of money. New idea. Salary caps for campaigns. Each candidate can spend up to ten million on their campaign. A cent more and they’re out.

3. Doesn’t government exist for the people?

Last time I checked, which was 38 seconds ago, the government is supposed to “derive (its) just powers from the consent of the governed.” (2) I think it goes without saying that our current administration doesn’t understand this. Sometimes it even seems like they’re off in dreamland doing their own thing while the rest of the country sits here asking, “What the fuck?” But then maybe I’m overestimating the rest of the country. New idea. Elected presidents come with a one-year trial period. If, at the end of their first year in office, the country doesn’t like them, or, more probably, the president elect isn’t living up to what they said they’d be doing during their campaign, we get to kick them out and give the presidency to the other candidate. (I realize this is crazy and could never work, but there has to be some way of holding the President accountable!)

Void damn the distance.


(1) http://www.opensecrets.org/pres08/

(2) http://www.ushistory.org/Declaration/document/index.htm

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