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I’d like to think that someday Americans are all going to wake up, look at their shithole of a country, look at each other, and then march into the chambers of Congress with pistols in hand and take back the government that was meant to have been theirs in the first place.  But it’s never going to happen.  Laziness and ignorance are easier, and the government knows this.  So, instead of actually trying to accomplish anything that might be even remotely beneficial to the majority of the American public, most members of the legislative branch of our government are content to auction their votes like dildos on eBay and distract most of the country from what is going on with clever wordplay and smiling faces.

Read this.

Three options.  1. The American public rises out of willful ignorance and passive information consumption and decides to actually do something about the money-stuffed mode of governance that has come to dominate the current, and surely future, political scene.  2. The government tells lobbyists/corporations/Congress members who accept bribes (don’t be fooled, campaign contributions are nothing less) to fuck off.  3. Nothing changes and things continue to suck.  Bet you can guess which option will prevail.

Fuck America.  Fuck the government.  And fuck every money-grabbing whore of a “representative” who keeps trying to pass off “their” vote as their own.

Oh, and fuck you Mr. Obama for trying to make H.R. 3962  sound like some kind of victory for the American people.  You know, I’m ashamed to say that I actually thought you might make a difference in the way things are done in Washington.

Void damn the distance.


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